Director and Officer Litigation

Copeland, Stair, Valz & Lovell has a deep bench of lawyers with varied experience assisting clients with D&O investigations and litigation.  We defend directors, officers, accountants, lawyers, investment advisors, broker-dealers, and others from claims under state and federal securities laws, derivative litigation, regulatory investigations, disclosure litigation, and errors and omissions claims against professionals.  We often limit exposure through careful planning and smart motion practice. Our experienced trial lawyers are capable of trying any case and have succeeded in trials where other defendants were quick to settle.

Our securities practice is enhanced by our deep understanding of accounting issues developed from decades of defending audits of public companies and accounting issues impacting corporate disclosures and finances.  Our knowledge of accounting issues allows to quickly frame and address complex financial issues in unique and persuasive ways.

We can also provide unique insight into risk management issues surrounding D&O claims.