Environmental Litigation

Practice Chair, Paul E. Sperry

The Environmental Litigation Practice Group handles matters involving environmental laws & regulations and the governmental agencies that enforce those laws and regulations. Most of this litigation involves, relates to, or arises out of construction projects.

Construction and construction products have been the subject of environmental issues and concerns for years. From asbestos to mold to sediment and erosion control, the construction industry has had to deal with environmental regulation and litigation. Construction has come under the watchful eye of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Georgia Environmental Protection Division and a variety of other governmental agencies, including the local permit officials.

These laws and regulations can be difficult to understand and even more difficult in operation and frequently lead to litigation. For example, storm water runoff and sedimentation cases often contain multiple claims under the Clean Water Act, the Georgia Sediment and Erosion Control Act and other state and federal environmental regulations and laws. These laws and regulations are complicated and understanding their application is critical to handling any litigation.

The members of this practice have experience in handling all of the matters referenced above, as well as many other types of environmental litigation. Environmental litigation can be complex and expensive and this practice knows how to handle the claims in an effective, appropriate and cost-effective manner.

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Environmental Litigation Team Contacts

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Paul E. Sperry

Practice Group Chair

Paul is managing partner of the Charleston office where he concentrates his practice on construction litigation and general liability matters. He represents general contractors, subcontractors, developers, material suppliers and owners in lawsuits involving construction related disputes. Paul has experience defending architects and engineers in design defect claims, site work design and more. Furthermore, he provides…