Transportation Emergency Rapid Response

For Emergency Rapid Response please contact:

Emergency Rapid Response 24 Hour Line: 1.844.519.7831

Our attorneys provide pre-litigation investigation and consultation services to our transportation clients. Beginning at the time of the incident causing the loss, our attorneys are able to guide and coordinate a team of professionals to protect the interests of our clients and to gather information necessary for early evaluation of exposure and the development of the strongest defense strategy.

Our Rapid Response Services Team has access to a regional team of highly-qualified accident reconstruction engineers, investigators, and field adjusters to coordinate a defense team to investigate the loss and to protect our clients’ interests. We coordinate the inspection and documentation of accident scenes, witness interviews, physical and documentary evidence preservation, electronic data download and preservation, defense of any criminal actions, and contact with media. By becoming involved early in the investigation process through our rapid response team, our attorneys afford our clients the benefits of the attorney-client and attorney-work product privileges early in the pre-litigation claim process. This emphasis on early attorney involvement protects the client’s rights in high exposure claims.

We also provide and coordinate pre-litigation claim damage analysis through the use of medical specialty consultants, vocational rehabilitation experts, and economists. We assist clients in promptly analyzing injury claims and causation defenses through the experience and skill of our in-house nursing consultants. We use our health care knowledge and contacts in the health care field to efficiently and vigorously analyze and defend medical causation in wrongful death and personal injury claims.

Contact: D. Gary Lovell

(c) 1.843.822.0345

(o) 1.843.266.8213

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