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Sarah Butler Recently Participated in a Public Service Project During the 2020 DRI Leadership Conference in Chicago, IL – January 9-10, 2020

Sarah Butler recently attended the DRI 2020 Leadership Conference in Chicago, IL.  During the conference, teams of leaders got together to build bikes for children.  Other highlights of the conference included discussions on Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Skills, Networking Events, Effective Communication, Team Building, and Creative Thinking.  Attendees included the DRI Board of Directors, State Representatives, State Membership Chairs, State Local Defense Organization Leaders to include their Executive Directors, Substantive Law Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs and the DRI Membership Committee as well as the Presidents of the sister defense organizations, FDCC, ADTA and IADC.  Sarah is the Vice President of the South Carolina Defense Trial Attorneys’ Association and will be President in 2021.

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