Achievements & Results

Case against National Restaurant Chain Settled for Less Than 10% of Pre-Suit Demand

Lee Weatherly and Kierra Brown resolved a case against a national restaurant chain for less than 10% of the Plaintiff’s pre-suit demand and less than 1/3 of her special damages. In this case Plaintiff suffered a significant spinal injury, requiring emergency spinal surgery, after tripping on a gap in the sidewalk in front of the restaurant. Lee and Kierra retained an expert witness who was able to show the sidewalk complied with all building codes, ordinances, and industry standards, establishing that despite the fall, no defect existed on the sidewalk. Additionally, Lee and Kierra used medical records to establish that Plaintiff’s fall was more likely due to her preexisting physical condition which made her prone to falling on normal surfaces. Plaintiff subsequently agreed to settle this case for less than 10% of her initial settlement demand and less than one-third of her medical bills and lost wages.