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Case Against Surgeon Dismissed Without Payment

On March 8, 2018, Gary Lovell and Lee Weatherly secured a dismissal for their client, a surgeon and his practice in a Columbia, South Carolina medical malpractice case. This claim arose out of an elective sacrocolpopexy cystoscopy Plaintiff underwent performed by an OB-GYN co-defendant. The gynecologist began the procedure and called our client to assist in removing a loop of bowel that was adhered to the anterior abdominal wall in the region of a prior umbilical hernia repair. The gynecologist completed the procedure but, in the days following the procedure, the patient developed a bowel leak. Although the Plaintiff initially alleged that Defendants negligently failed to recognize and treat the bowel leak, leading to sepsis and other significant medical problems, she ultimately dismissed her claims, without payment, after the depositions of the Defendants.