Achievements & Results

Defense Verdict for ER Doctor in case filed by quadriplegic patient

After a 6 day trial, Gary Lovell and Kristen Thompson obtained a defense verdict for an emergency room physician who allegedly failed to recognize the signs and symptoms of a neurological emergency. CSVL’s client was the second of four emergency room physicians who treated the patient for neck pain. On the patient’s fourth visit to the emergency room, he developed new, severe neurological deficits that aggressively worsened over a 24 hour period. MRI imaging revealed a flattening spinal cord and the patient underwent emergent neurosurgery. In spite of the surgery, the patient did not recover the ability to move his arms and legs. Gary and Kristen successfully defended their client and proved that the patient’s lack of neurological findings did not require any further emergent work up in the emergency room before discharging the patient.