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Defense Verdict in Horse Farm Injury Case for CSVL Partner Jay O’Brien

Jay O’Brien obtained a defense verdict for his client, an all-inclusive guest ranch and horse farm in Morgan County, Georgia.  Plaintiff was a guest at the ranch and was injured when a horse she was riding slipped down a ravine and landed on top of her.  As the horse attempted to get up it stepped on Plaintiff multiple times causing lacerations, rib fractures, and internal bleeding.  The trail where the incident occurred had been closed for years because it was dangerous when wet.  Plaintiff alleged that the waiver she signed was not applicable because the conduct of Defendant amounted to gross negligence.  For the same reason, Plaintiff claimed that the Georgia Equine Act did not provide immunity to Defendant.  The jury returned a verdict in favor of Defendant.  Plaintiff’s last demand was $1,000,000.00.