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Kathy Carlsten Secures Order Dismissing Premises Liability Suit Against Corporate Property Owner

Kathy Carlsten recently obtained a dismissal of her client from a premises liability suit filed in Berkeley County, South Carolina.  In this case, a plaintiff sued a corporate property owner for negligence related to an alleged slip-and-fall incident.  Early this year, Kathy drafted and argued a successful motion to compel certain discovery information from the plaintiff.  After the plaintiff failed to comply with the terms of the Court’s Order granting the motion to compel, Kathy then moved to dismiss the case under SCRCP 41(b).  At the hearing on their motion to dismiss, it was argued that the plaintiff’s case should be dismissed as a result of her failure to comply with the Court’s Order.  At the conclusion of the hearing, the Court granted Kathy’s motion to dismiss and later signed an order officially dismissing the plaintiff’s entire case with prejudice.