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Lee Weatherly and Kierra Brown settle post traumatic brain injury case for less than 13% of claimed medical expenses

Lee Weatherly and Kierra Brown recently secured a settlement for a hospitality-industry client after a guest was injured in the property’s fitness center. The Plaintiff claimed a traumatic brain injury as well as spinal injuries following the incident.  Lee and Kierra carefully dissected Plaintiff’s negligence claims and were able to convincingly show that the machine at issue was not in a defective condition and the injury was due to user error and failure to follow clearly posted warnings.  Additionally Lee and Kierra retained an expert neurologist as well as an expert orthopedist who were able to evaluate the Plaintiff’s prior neurological and spinal conditions and opine that his current state was not a result of the accident but instead due to the natural progression of his chronic spinal and cognitive issues.  The favorable opinions of these experts along with the development of the solid liability defense led to a settlement that was significantly less than the client’s cost of defense through trial.   While Lee and Kierra were excited to take the case to trial, where they believed they would have achieved a defense verdict, they were able to well position the matter for the client’s preference of settlement.