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Medical Malpractice Defense Verdict – Obstetrics and Gynecology

D. Gary Lovell and Lee Weatherly obtained a defense verdict for a OB/GYN and his practice group, in a medical malpractice case filed in York County, South Carolina. In the trial, the Plaintiff claimed that the doctor failed to diagnose preeclampsia in a pregnant patient. The day after her visit to the OB/GYN the plaintiff suffered an apparent seizure which she claimed caused her permanent injuries, leaving her unable to care for herself. Plaintiff also claimed her seizure caused the death of her child 2.5 years after her emergency birth. However, the jury determined that there was no evidence of preeclampsia on the patient’s last visit and the doctor met the standard of care in his treatment. The jury returned a unanimous verdict in favor of the physician after deliberating for approximately two hours.