Achievements & Results

Motion to Dismiss Granted in $11M+ Paraplegic Injury Case

Lee Weatherly, Kristen Thompson and Kierra Brown achieved a dismissal for a large residential construction company in Georgetown, South Carolina in a case involving a painter who fell down a multi-story elevator shaft, rendering her a paraplegic.  Plaintiff’s medical damages exceeded 11 million dollars.  Plaintiff claimed that the construction company was liable for her injuries due to their failure to regularly inspect the home site, failure to secure the elevator shaft during construction and failure to supervise subcontractors.   Lee, Kristen and Kierra argued that, while Plaintiff was not a direct employee of the construction company, Plaintiff’s sole avenue for recovery was limited to the Worker’s Compensation Act as the construction company was her statutory upstream employer.  The Court agreed and dismissed the construction company from the case, with prejudice.