Achievements & Results

Lee Weatherly and Kierra Brown Resolve Slip and Fall Case for Less than Half of Plaintiff’s Damages

Lee Weatherly and Kierra Brown were able to reach a settlement on behalf of an international restaurant chain for less than half of Plaintiffs’ alleged damages and less than 10% of the Plaintiff’s pre-suit demand.   Plaintiff claimed that she tripped and fell on an allegedly exposed landscaping edge guard that Plaintiff’s expert claimed was in an unsafe condition after Hurricane Matthew.  Plaintiff’s expert claimed that the condition of the landscaping after Hurricane Matthew led the edge guard to create a tripping hazard on the sidewalk.   However, Lee and Kierra used historical photos from a remodeling job that occurred only weeks after Plaintiff’s fall and landscaping invoices to show that the property was not in disrepair and Plaintiff’s memory of the property’s condition was inaccurate.  Lee and Kierra then used Plaintiff’s medical records to show that she had a history of prior (and subsequent falls) unrelated to any hazard and that her fall was most likely consistent with her other spontaneous falls, not from tripping over a hazard.  Finally, Lee and Kierra were able to locate a family member witness of Plaintiff, that was not disclosed in discovery, that supported the defense of the case.  Plaintiffs were then forced to resolve the case for less than half of Plaintiffs’ damages, less than 10% of Plaintiff’s pre-suit demand, and less than the cost of defense of taking the case to trial.