Achievements & Results

Summary Judgment Obtained in Two Cases

Jay O’Brien obtained summary judgment on behalf of a rideshare company on May 27, 2022, in two separate cases.  In both cases, Plaintiffs alleged they were injured when they were involved in an accident involving a driver that was operating on the rideshare platform.  Plaintiffs sought to hold the rideshare company vicariously liable for the actions of the driver.  The Court held that the rideshare company could not be liable for the alleged negligence of the driver because the driver was an independent contractor, not an employee, of the rideshare company.  Plaintiff also argued that the rideshare company was vicariously liable for the actions of the driver because the rideshare company was considered a motor carrier under Georgia law.  The court disagreed, holding that a rideshare company is considered a rideshare network service, not a motor carrier.