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Summary Judgment Obtained on Behalf of an Apartment Complex Owner/Manager

On April 4, 2024, Jay O’Brien obtained summary judgment on behalf of an apartment complex owner/manager.  Plaintiff alleged that he was robbed and physically assaulted in the parking garage of an apartment complex in Atlanta, Georgia.  According to the Complaint, as Plaintiff was walking to his car in the parking garage, the assailant was getting out of the vehicle. Plaintiff alleged that the assailant then walked past him and proceeded to run towards the exit of the parking garage.  Plaintiff then chased after him.  When Plaintiff caught up to him, a fight ensued.  Plaintiff alleged that he suffered significant and severe injuries as a result of the assault.  He alleged that the Defendants were negligent in failing to keep the premises safe.  Mr. O’Brien contended that the Plaintiff was precluded from recovery because he placed himself in danger by chasing and then confronting the assailant.  The trial court agreed, and summary judgment was granted.