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But Does that Really Matter? Putting Each Piece of the Wrongful Death Case Together with Real-Time Feedback – Presentation at Copeland Stair’s 2019 Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith Seminar

Melissa Bailey and Fred Valz presented to seminar attendees factual and legal issues involved in a hypothetical wrongful death cause of action in a series of oral presentations.  Using an interactive format, Fred and Melissa were able to allow guests to participate in the evaluation and assessment of the exposure presented by the hypothetical case.  This gave attendees insight into how a case evolves from investigation to verdict, as well as into the decision-making process used by most juries.  Then attendees were able to use a web based application to provide the speakers with real-time responses to their series of questions.  This presentation provided participants with the understanding of the jury trial process and created a better foundation for future cause of action defense.

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