Achievements & Results

Corporate Defendants Dismissed from Lawsuit

Brian Spitler and Angela Kopet inherited the defense of four corporate entities from prior counsel who were sued by five Plaintiffs after an automobile accident. Plaintiffs alleged that the corporations were responsible for the actions of a hit and run driver on the basis of negligent entrustment, vicarious liability, principles of agency and respondeat superior, ownership of the vehicle, joint venture, fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, negligent or intentional infliction of emotional distress, and other matters. Plaintiffs also requested punitive damages. Prior counsel filed motions for summary judgment asking the Court to dismiss all four corporate entities and the motions were denied by the Judge. After inheriting the file and the defense of the corporate entities, Brian and Angela were able to track down the hit and run driver and obtain an Affidavit from him that outlined he was not driving a vehicle owned by any of the corporate defendants. This Affidavit along with case law that countered the remaining allegations alleged by the Plaintiffs, resulted in the court ultimately granting the motion for summary judgment and dismissing Brian and Angela’s clients from the case.