Achievements & Results

Fred Valz and Melissa Bailey Obtain Complete Dismissal of Bad Faith Case

Fred Valz and Melissa Bailey recently obtained a complete dismissal of bad faith and breach of contract claim alleging seven figures in damages.  Litigated in the Middle District of Georgia, the suit alleged the commercial insurer acted in bad faith and breached the policy in three distinct ways in handling a first-party claim for damage to a medical facility.  After successfully bifurcating the bad faith and breach of contract claims, Melissa and Fred argued that the three breach of contract claims failed on their merits.  The District Court agreed, granting summary judgment on all three breach of contract claims.  After disposing of the breach of contract claims, the Court ruled that the bad faith claim could not survive in the absence of a breach of a policy obligation by the carrier.  Given that, it also failed as a matter of law, resulting in the complete dismissal of the lawsuit.