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Mark Lefkow recovers $359,000 Stolen in Real Estate Closing Scam

Partner Mark Lefkow recovered $359,000 stolen from a New York real estate closing law firm. CSVL’s client was the closing attorney for a New York residential real estate transaction. One of the parties to the closing had its emails hacked, and the hackers sent fraudulent instructions containing an address that allowed the hackers to intercept the funds. Pursuant to these instructions, the client sent a certified check to the fraudulently supplied address. The perpetrators received the certified check and fraudulently endorsed it, resulting in a debit of $359,000 from the client’s account. The law firm turned this matter over to its insurance carrier, which hired CSVL to mitigate the loss. CSVL demanded that the client’s bank refund the money to the client, citing New York Uniform Commercial Code provisions that required the bank, not the client, to assume this loss. In response, the client’s bank returned all of the funds from the certified check to the client.